What You Need To Have

In order to schedule a CDL Test with West Michigan CDL, you will need to have:

  • A valid Michigan photo Driver’s License
  • A valid Michigan Commercial Learner’s Permit for the class of vehicle you intend to test in (from the Secretary of State)
  • A valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate (Med Card) (Preferred)
  • Depending on the type of CDL Test and if you bring your own vehicle
    • Proof of Insurance for the truck, and trailer (if applicable)
    • Registration for the truck, and trailer (if applicable)
  • Payment for the Test and Truck Rental (if applicable)
    • Test Cost:  CDL A, B, & C Test………………………………. $150.00
    • Rental Cost:  CDL A & B……………………………………..$150.00
  • A completed West Michigan CDL Test Confirmation Sheet

**We are required to register your test with the State of Michigan at least 48 hours before the scheduled test date.  We require that you have all of the above provided to us at least three (3) business days before the scheduled test date.**

Commercial Learner’s Permit – When ready to apply for your first CDL, visit your local Secretary of State branch office to:

    • Pick up the free Michigan CDL Manual.
    • Study the sections of the Michigan CDL Manual that pertain to the vehicle(s) you intend to drive.
    • Show proof of Social Security number (Social Security card, payroll check stub, W-2 Form, etc.)
    • If you are applying for a hazardous materials endorsement, you must present proof of the following:
      • Federal Security Threat Assessment (Click here for HAZMAT enrollment information)
      • U.S. Citizenship or Lawful Permanent Resident
    • Complete an application which includes a statement certifying that you meet medical and driver qualifications.
      • If you have had any change in your physical condition since your last driver license renewal which may affect your ability to drive, you may need a special form from the branch office for your physician to fill out before you can apply for your license.
    • Meet driver record eligibility requirements as determined by Secretary of State branch office personnel.
    • Pass the required knowledge and vision tests. You must pass all required knowledge tests to obtain a CDL Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP). This allows you to practice driving under supervision of a driver who has a CDL for the type of vehicle you wish to drive. A CDL CLP is also required for taking the CDL skills tests.
    • Pay your CDL fees.
    • Schedule your CDL skills test.

Example of a CDL Temporary Instruction Permit (Commercial Learner’s Permit)


Example of a DOT Medical Card